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FAST LANE regularly works with California Highway Patrol to enhance driving skillls and make sure you are prepared and pass your driving tests. FAST LANE's continuous involvement with law enforcement makes it the perfect environment to hone in on your driving skills...   everything from Vision techniques, apexing, to high speed driving exercises.

This course is also helpful for Department EVOC Instructors who benefit from gaining new insight on Adult Learning Theory for your current force while being engaged in a hands-on Environment. Improve and Broaden your presentation skills with our instructos and law-enforcement team of over 20 years

***Drive your own car. Recommend Crown Victoria (Or related), Dodge Charger, or any other Law-Enforcement related vehicle.


$635 Price.

Perfect course for future and readmitted CHP cadets looking to enhance their driving skills and techniques in preperation for requirements of High Speed Evaluations. Must use your own car. 

Course Date 12-08-2019 7:30 am
Course End Date 12-09-2019 4:00 am
Registration Start Date 04-17-2019 1:00 am
Cut off date 12-07-2019 1:00 am
Individual Price $635.00

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