Our Instructors

Our Pro Drivers/Instructors have extensive training & professional backgrounds.

  • Danny McKeever

    Danny McKeever

    CEO/Founder of FAST LANE
    Chief Driving Instructor

  • Jim Bishop

    Jim Bishop

    Lead Instructor
    Fresno, CA

  • Scott Acthison

    Scott Acthison

    Lead Instructor
    Bakersfield, CA

  • Raul Moreno

    Raul Moreno

    Lead Instructor
    Northridge, CA

  • Steve Staveley

    Steve Staveley

    Lead Instructor
    Anaheim, CA

  • Greg Bolton

    Greg Bolton

    Lead DDA Instructor
    Mojave, CA

  • Drew Staveley

    Drew Staveley

    Walnut, CA

  • Rod Bean

    Rod Bean

    Garden Grove, CA

  • Joshua Allen

    Joshua Allen

    La Verne, CA

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