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Are you ready for more? Our sports racer Radical Prototypes provide you with the ultimate track experience. Closed wheel, open cockpit, double and center seat Radicals provide an exhilterating experience in an easy to drive platform. Start with an SR1 and graduate to the more powerful SR3 or SR10. Want to go even further? After you've demonstrated competency, you can take one of our Indy Lights for a spin - starting with a first generation, 400+HP Lola and then a Dallara that have had multiple podium finishes.



The SR1 is the first step on the Radical ladder, ideal for enthusiasts looking to take their circuit driving to the next level with a focused sports-racing car that has an excellent safety record. Although entry level, the SR1 offers an outstanding package with unparalleled performance for money, that will get you on the grid in a professionally administered race series.

Radical SR1
Summary 0 to 60 mph 3.5sec with a Top Speed 138mph
Technical Data 0-60 3.5 sec
Top speed 138 mph
[email protected] 182 bhp
Weight 490 kg (1080lbs)
Power:weight 371 bhp/tonne
Lateral force 1.9 g
Transmission Six-speed paddle shift gearbox with Quaife chain driven limited slip differential
Chassis Two seater & single seat options



The SR3 is the most popular offering in Radical's racecar lineup, with nearly 1000 examples delivered to customers worldwide. Designed to be fast and agile in the hands of both seasoned pros as well as novices, the SR3 offers incredible traction, light weight, and a wide range of adjustability to suit the driver's requirements. Since its introduction in 2002, the SR3 has proven itself to be very competitive within multi-marque championships around the world, with a multitude of class wins to its credit. With its two seater configuration and advanced data logging capabilities, it is also an ideal design for driver coaching and instruction.
Radical SR3
Summary 0 to 60 mph 3.1sec with a Top Speed 147mph
Technical Data 3.1 sec (3.3 sec 1340cc)
Top speed 147 mph (141 mph 1340cc)
[email protected] 226 bhp (195 bhp 1340cc)
Weight 615 kg (1355lbs)
Power:weight 371 bhp/tonne
Lateral force 2.3 g
Transmission Six-speed sequential gearbox Formula 1TM ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper
Chassis Two seater & single seat options



The original Indy Lights series was formed as an open-wheeled racing series that acted as a developmental circuit for CART from 1986 to 2001. It was founded in 1986 as the American Racing Series (ARS). The series was renamed Indy Lights in 1991. The CART-sanctioned series became widely popular and secured the title sponsorship of Firestone. Later, Firestone's subsidiary Dayton Tires took over as tire supplier and title sponsor. A spec-series, CART Indy Lights used March chassis (essentially a modified 85B Formula 3000 chassis, renamed to Wildcat) from 1986 to 1992. In 1992 Lola became primary chassis constructor to the series, using a modified F3000 chassis. In 1997, a newly updated and modern looking chassis was introduced, also based on an F3000 design. It would remain through 2001. Buick V6 engines were used for its entire existence.
Indy Lights - Lola
Summary 0 to 60 mph 2.1sec with a Top Speed of over 190mph
0-60 2.1 sec
Top speed Over 190mph
[email protected] 425hp
Weight 1380lbs
Power:weight 671 bhp/tonne
Lateral force 3.3 g
Transmission Lola/Hewland, Longitudal H Pattern, 5 speed
Chassis Single seat



The Infiniti Pro Series was re-founded by the Indy Racing League and began racing in 2002, the year after the CART-sanctioned Indy Lights series' demise. It was a spec series using a TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) developed 3.5L version of the V8 engine used in the Infiniti Q45 combined with Dallara chassis producing 420 horsepower (310 kW). The series initially struggled to attract drivers and some races have had fewer than 10 entrants. However, with the introduction of a number of road-course races to the schedule in 2005, many of America's top prospects like Marco Andretti and Phil Giebler were attracted to the series to run part-time schedules on road courses. In 2006, a boost in prize money even further increased car counts to 16 or more, with an even six oval and six road course mix. The selected races being double races, and a stand-alone race (independent of the IndyCar Series) were scheduled on the USGP weekend.
Indy Lights - Dallara
Summary 0 to 60 mph 1.9sec with a Top Speed of over 200mph
0-60 1.9 sec
Top speed Over 200mph
[email protected] 420hp
Weight 1550lbs
Power:weight 650 bhp/tonne
Lateral force 3.4 g
Transmission X-track, 6 speed
Chassis Single seat

All FAST LANE race cars are fitted with safety equipment and maintained by professional staff.

FAST LANE takes your safety very seriously. As added protection we supply you with racing helmets and full-length racing suits. When you're on the track, not only do we have mechanics and engineers on site, we make sure everyone follows the rules!

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