3 Day - SCCA Full National Competition License

menu sccaReady to take your racing to the national level? We're pleased to offer full SCCA National Competition Licensing with our Level 4 program. This intensive deep dive into the SCCA will have you master not just the prerequisites in our Novice Program, but will prepare you for advanced wheel to wheel techniques in regional, major and super tour level events at tracks throughout North America. Often coupled with ongoing driver development and trackside support, our team of seasoned SCCA instructors (we created the original SCCA licensing program/school over 30 years ago) and will evaluate and prepare you for racing nationally. Not for the faint hearted, this program requires extensive stamina and commitment at all levels, from the classroom to the track.

Because of the development behind this program, we may not have all dates posted on our calendar. Please contact us to express interest if you would like to get your full SCCA competition license.

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