About Us

FastLane is one of California’s top SCCA accredited racing schools that offers various programs catering to High Performance Driving, Advanced Road Racing Techniques, and Race Licensure for those seeking the next level of competition.

We’ve been the official race school for Willow Springs International Raceway for over 30 years and have grown into a nationwide organization. We were founded by racing legend Danny McKeever, who has taught at our school for decades.

FastLane is now under new ownership, but our mission is the same – to provide the best racing schools, experiences, and services in the country. Our programs can be conducted at any track across the U.S. and our race teams can accommodate any requests.

If you want to learn/ practice high performance track driving, become a licensed SCCA competitor, try out new styles of driving, or just want to experience some awesome track events, FastLane Raceschool is the place for you. We just have one question. Are you fast enough?