Learn fast. Become competitive. Get licensed.

Want to start competing in SCCA sanctioned events but don’t know where to begin?

FastLane Raceschool is here to help! We created the original SCCA licensing program/school over 30 years ago and our courses continue to be the most accessible way to obtain your novice or full competition race license.

Follow the steps below to begin your journey toward an SCCA license, and when you’re ready to get started, register for our next available course.


Car Control

Starting at $2700.00
This first course combines small amounts of classroom discussion with large amounts of instructor-led, interactive driver safety techniques and advanced skills in your own car. This step is not mandatory for drivers with proven track experience.

Novice School & SCCA Registration

Starting at $5400.00
This comprehensive course is designed to prepare drivers to start competing in SCCA-sanctioned events and will have you taking on both Willow Springs Raceway and Buttonwillow Raceway Park as you learn the subtle skills needed to become more advanced on the track.

After completing this course, you can register with the SCCA

Full Competition

Starting at $8100.00
Our full SCCA National Competition Licensing course will not only have you mastering the prerequisites in our Novice Program but will also prepare you for advanced wheel to wheel techniques in all levels of events across North America

Go Racing!

Now that you’re a full licensed SCCA racer, it’s time to hit the track! FastLane can help get you registered for your first SCCA event and has tons of courses, services, and experiences perfect for showcasing your new-found skills.

SCCA Licensing

Our SCCA licensing courses offer the most accessible way to obtain either a novice or full competition race license. You’ll learn from professional SCCA instructors while experiencing multiple challenging course configurations and layouts, and after passing, you’ll be eligible for your SCCA novice permit or license.