Drive Smart. Drive Confident. Drive Safe

Welcome to FastLane Raceschool’s high-performance driving courses!

This program is designed to put you on the best path to becoming a confident racer and teach you the skills needed to participate in a wide variety of track events. Just follow the steps below to see how your high-performance driving journey can unfold with FastLane Raceschool, and when you’re ready to get started, register for our next available course today


Adaptive Driving

This first course combines small amounts of classroom discussion with large amounts of instructor-led, interactive driver safety techniques and advanced skills in your own car. This step is not mandatory for drivers with proven track experience.

High Performance

Elevate your driving skills and become a real contender on the track with our one- or two-day high performance driving course. This course will put you behind the wheel on Willow Springs Raceway’s track for tons of hands-on experience in your own car or in one of our race-prepared Scion TC’s.

Sharpen Your Skills

Now that you have the skills to contend on the track, continue your driving journey and advance even further. FastLane has tons of courses, services, and experiences perfect for showcasing your new-found skills.