We’re your crew away from the studio

FastLane has extensive experience supporting the filming of motorsports sequences at our home facilities and has provided vehicle dynamics expertise and support to the entertainment industry for the past 20 years.

Our professional drivers are experts in precision and stunt driving, hold SAG cards, and possess valuable vehicle operation knowledge. We’ve worked on thousands of commercials, TV shows, and movies at every level and are happy to assist your team, both with our resources and our contacts, as needed or required, so that you can get what you need to your set on time and on budget.

Scouting one of our home tracks? Our experts can help develop your shot list, provide day plans and logistics, and support your crew(s) in any way necessary. Plus, our camera car can help you capture that perfect shot and includes a 8k RED Epic camera with Helium, all necessary rigging and monitors, shot overhead, and an operating crew with a pro driver.

Our Services Include:

  • Pro drivers with film / precision driving expertise
  • Trackside support staff and support vehicles
  • All expendables for our cars (tires, fuel, etc.)
  • Camera car
  • The entire day at the track

Our film/tv driving support packages are only available at our home locations of Willow Springs Raceway and Buttonwillow Racepark.

Contact us to set up your shooting day.