Start your scca journey the right way

This two-day comprehensive novice course, led by seasoned SCCA instructors, is designed to prepare drivers with basic skills to start competing in some SCCA-sanctioned events.

Throughout this program, your driving abilities will be put to the test as you experience the high-speed turns and exciting elevation changes of Willow Springs Raceway and Buttonwillow Raceway Park. You’ll also learn where small, subtle changes in your technique make a big difference in your performance on the track.

After successfully passing this course, you will be eligible for your SCCA Novice permit. This program can also be utilized to fulfill prerequisites for a Provisional Racing License with National Auto Sport Association (NASA).

Don’t forget to sign up for your SCCA membership. Registering now will make it easier for you to obtain your physical license once you pass our courses.

Day one


  • Begins with a 30 to 40-minute classroom session covering all the on-track and off-track curriculum.
  • Next, we’ll run the wet skid pad (in our car) then take you out for a “van session” and go over the lines of the track.
  • Then, you’ll be on track running sessions the rest of the day with a 60 min break for lunch.

Day one usually ends around 3-5pm depending on the size of the class.

Day two


  • You’ll continue to hone your SCCA driving techniques and apply what you’ve learned in day one to a new track with our SCCA sanctioned instructors as a guide.
  • You will be practicing race starts, testing, qualifying, and racing while continuing to learn the craft required to be competitive in SCCA events from our sanctioned instructors.
  • We’ll be reviewing video from your cars to provide you with insightful tips and data on how to improve through self-coaching.

Graduating from our class and obtaining your novice SCCA permit is only the beginning! Continue your SCCA journey with our full national competition license course.

After raising the level of your own driving ability, you will begin to think like a race car driver, looking for the fastest, most efficient way around the track!

Options available as soon as next day!

What are previous students saying?

“The high-performance course is very fun and extremely informative/beneficial for learning to control your car on the road.”

Gabriela | United States

“The course was very informative, it had good instructors, and I can definitely tell that I came out a better driver after the training. I’ll be coming back, thank you FastLane!”

Raymond | United States

Have Questions?

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