Complete your scca journey the right way

Our full SCCA national competition licensing program is an intensive deep dive into SCCA racing and requires extensive stamina and commitment at all levels in both the classroom and on the track.

During this 3-day course, you will not only master the prerequisites you learned in our novice program but will also learn and practice advanced wheel to wheel techniques in regional, major and super tour level events at tracks throughout North America.

Our expert SCCA instructors will be coaching and evaluating your skills throughout the entire course, turning you into a professional driver in a safe controlled environment, while still pushing you to the limit. Upon successfully passing this course you’ll be eligible to race in any SCCA sanctioned event in the U.S.!

You must pass our SCCA novice program or have equivalent experience to register for this course.

Day one


  • Begins with a 30 to 40-minute classroom session covering all the on-track and off-track curriculum.
  • Next, we’ll run the wet skid pad (in our car) then take you out for a “van session” and go over the lines of the track.
  • Then, you’ll be on track running sessions the rest of the day with a 60 min break for lunch.

Day one usually ends around 3-5pm depending on the size of the class.

Day two


  • You’ll continue to hone your SCCA driving techniques and apply what you’ve learned in day one to a new track with our SCCA sanctioned instructors as a guide.
  • You will be practicing race starts, testing, qualifying, and racing while continuing to learn the craft required to be competitive in SCCA events from our sanctioned instructors.
  • We’ll be reviewing video from your cars to provide you with insightful tips and data on how to improve through self-coaching.

Day one usually ends around 3-5pm depending on the size of the class.

Day three


  • You will be practicing race starts, testing, qualifying, and racing while learning the craft required to be competitive in SCCA events.
  • We’ll be reviewing video and telemetry from your cars to provide insightful tips on how you can learn to self-coach through our data, so you can continue to interact with FastLane as you continue your racing journey.

Graduating from our class and obtaining your novice SCCA permit is only the beginning! Continue your SCCA journey with our full national competition license course.

What are previous students saying?

“Outstanding class! I learned more than I thought possible and still have a full plate of items to master. The instructors were all top notch and extremely helpful. The staff did an outstanding job of fostering a team mentality and positive learning environment. I am more excited than ever to continue to advance my skills.”

Tony | United States

“The SCCA 3-day racing license program was a game changer. The level of instruction was excellent with instructors who were happy to pass on their knowledge. I gained a ton of seat time that allowed me to really stretch my comfort zones. I shopped around the country for a race school and FastLane was the most affordable without sacrificing seat time. Thanks again for the great experience and expertise.”

Arnold | United States

Have Questions?

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