Full OEM Training Tailored For You

Our OEM training programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization.  The exercises and curriculum we provide have been carefully crafted through extensive testing and input from professional driving instructors. For groups or organizations with specific training needs in vehicle dynamics, risk management, and evasive tactics, we offer custom tailored training.

Silicon Valley meets Automotive... Our team of 40+ drivers combined with software expertise in big data offer a platform for unique data driven insights into your programs. Many companies offer data while many offer driver training, and few have the capabilities to combine them while enriching not only the customer experience but validating business cases and improving outcomes for our partners with a global scale SAAS platform.  

Our Data Driven Driver Development, or DDDD, offers a unique, 360º view of a performance driver & environment coupled with 1:1 coaching to identify areas of improvement to create an optimal path for driver development. We can obtain unique insights – not just for in time data reporting, but by training M/L algorithms that can react to new and changing data sets allowing us to provide insights in real time. This unique advantage sets us apart from other organizations by moving beyond the theoretical to practical applications of data. Making our platform and insights more powerful, we’re able to ingest an unlimited number of data sets from public/private sources, including partners. 


  • Corporate/Fleet DDA programs tailored to your organization
  • Corporate training provided for Tesla, Mercedes, Google, Toyota, CHP, Private Security, Hyundai & more
  • Carefully developed exercises and curriculum through extensive testing and input from professional driving instructors
  • Thorough and Advanced curriculum for companies and any specialty training formats
  • Custom tailored for vehicle dynamics, risk management, and evasive tactics
  • We can provide tools and training best suited for your business needs
  • Team of 40 instructors with experience in precision driving, racing, tactics training (both defensive and offensive) with military, law enforcement and executive protection

Training Outlines:

  • Defensive Driving Academy
    • Basic Vehicle Operations, Safety
    • Vision Exercises
    • Braking – Threshold, ABS
    • Weight Transfer, Braking Distance
  • Custom Training
    • Vision Exercises
    • Braking – Threshold, ABS, Braking Distance
    • Vehicle Control, Oversteer, Understeer, Quick Lane Changes, Evasive maneuvers, Wet Surfaces
  • High Performance
    • Vision, Braking
    • Vehicle Control & Dynamics, Wet Surfaces
    • Cornering & Apexing
    • Series of Turns
    • High performance driving