Learn from the best to become even better

With a roster of over 45 coaches, all with extensive race and podium experience – FastLane Raceschool can help you or your group become the best drivers you can be.

Our driver development program offers extensive 1:1 coaching tailored exactly to your type of car, driving style, and goals. We’ll work with you on a comprehensive package, that includes an extensive curriculum custom built around you and tracks around the world, including trackside support, transport and more.

Learn a wide variety of different driving styles under the guidance of experts from all sorts of backgrounds such as Karting, Off-roading, NASCAR, Indy, IMSA, and more. Our unique Data Driven Driver Development program looks at over 50 extensive data points and compares your current ability to your target goal and then we develop a path and plan to get you there.

If you’re looking for an “Arrive and Drive” event, just let us know and we tailor our driver development program to your specific needs. We’ll even prep your car or loan you one of ours, so all you need to do is show up and drive.

Pricing: Driver development starts at $3150.00 per day and varies on your requests. Contact us so we can better understand your needs and set up a program that’s right for you.