Become a better driver the fun way!

Now that you’ve completed our one-or-two-day high performance driving courses, it’s time to hit the track as much as possible, because the only way to improve your skills is to keep driving.

FastLane Raceschool offers tons of courses, services, and experiences perfect for showcasing your new-found driving abilities and are a great way to stay connected with our driving community.

Take a look at just some of our track events and programs that you are now eligible for below and contact us if you have any questions. We just ask that you remember to Stay Fast!

SCCA Licensing

Our SCCA licensing courses offer the most accessible way to obtain either a novice or full competition race license. You’ll learn from professional SCCA instructors while experiencing multiple challenging course configurations and layouts, and after passing, you’ll be eligible for your SCCA novice permit or license.

Driver Development

Ready to progress as a driver? With a roster of over 45 coaches, all with extensive race and podium experience, we can provide one-on-one coaching tailored exactly to your type of car, driving style, and goals.

Advanced Lapping

Graduates of our One-Day High Performance Driving Course are qualified to come out for an advanced lapping day. In this course, you’ll practice various cornering techniques, learn the proper “racing line,” and start identifying more of your strengths and weaknesses.

Track Days

Graduates of our High-Performance Driving Course are welcome to come out to experience an exciting day on the track with former FastLane Alumni and active FastLane Pro Racing instructors! Track days have limited instruction and provide for lots of open track time for former FastLane students.