The SR3 is the most popular offering in Radical’s racecar lineup, with nearly 1000 examples delivered to customers worldwide. Designed to be fast and agile in the hands of both seasoned pros as well as novices, the SR3 offers incredible traction, light weight, and a wide range of adjustability to suit the driver’s requirements. Since its introduction in 2002, the SR3 has proven itself to be very competitive within multi-marque championships around the world, with a multitude of class wins to its credit. With its two seater configuration and advanced data logging capabilities, it is also an ideal design for driver coaching and instruction.

Summary: 0 to 60 mph 3.1sec with a Top Speed 147mph
Technical Data: 3.1 sec (3.3 sec 1340cc)
Top speed: 147 mph (141 mph 1340cc)
Power@flywheel: 226 bhp (195 bhp 1340cc)
Weight: 615 kg (1355lbs)
Power:weight: 371 bhp/tonne
Lateral force: 2.3 g
Transmission: Six-speed sequential gearbox Formula 1TM ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper
Chassis: Two seater & single seat options