Vehicle Damages done to either Fast Lane’s or Owner’s vehicles are the driver’s sole responsibility. Payment for any crash damage or collision shall be made on the program date or shortly thereafter upon final confirmation of total damage cost.

Mechanical Failures of Fast Lane vehicles shall be the responsibility of Fast Lane and will make an attempt to provide a another car. Fast Lane is not responsible for any mechanical failures for participants who use their own vehicles.

Accident Insurance is available for individual purchase for Fast Lane vehicles for $80 per day and will reduce your 1st Accident Damage Limitation to $5,000. This only covers the Fast Lane Vehicle you’re using at the time of the accident. If you’re using your own vehicle, you can purchase accident insurance from a third-party provider such as Lockton Affinity Motorsports.

Helmet Damage – Helmets are for impact purposes only. If for any reason the helmet is damaged in any way of misuse, accident or dropped and the helmet is unsuitable for further use, you will be charged $250 for this helmet.