Conor Daly has enjoyed racing success on the Road to Indy and has exhibited a tough determination to find his place in the NTT IndyCar Series. After multiple seasons of driving for multiple teams, Daly found a full-time home in 2022 with Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR). He spoke with us about that, his simulator set-up at home and how it has changed, and how he’s looking forward to working with the same engineer and crew for the entire season. Enjoy!

NOTE: Daly qualified 17th and finished 12th at Long Beach. He will continue with ECR for the full 2023 season.

By Larry Mason

Copyright © 2022 Larry Mason

Conor Daly waves to the fans just moments prior to the start of the 2022 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Early in the weekend, Daly’s car is clean and pristine!

Entering the fountain complex of turns at Long Beach requires accelerating through some twisty bits followed by a short braking zone before the hard right turn around the berm-lined gardens. Here Daly is on his way into the braking zone.

Daly’s peripheral view of the fountain and checkered flag motif flower garden is part of the charm and beauty of Long Beach. However, it doesn’t garner as much thought as his preparation to accelerate as soon as possible without hitting the concrete barrier that juts out in front of him (driver’s left) at the exit!

Part of lowering your lap time is to make sure that you’re on the proper line at the apex and pointed in the right direction to exit the fountain at maximum force. Daly’s nailed it here.

Just a couple of corners past the fountain, Turn 5 require a less subtle approach to extract lap time. Here, Daly flies over the curbing to cut the apex and increase the radius of this corner, which is off-camber at the exit.

With hot temperatures all weekend, note that Daly has opened his visor up to allow for a bit more cool air inside his helmet. He can thank his aeroscreen for making this possible!

Interview and photos Copyright © by Larry Mason