For anyone who grew up in Southern California or Indianapolis, the Agajanian name is synonymous with auto racing. In Parts One and Two, JC Agajanian Jr. gave us a fascinating look into his family history in auto racing along with some incredible stories throughout a timeline from the 50’s through today. He also filled us in on some of the famous drivers that drove for them as well as some current advice for young drivers. In our final installment here in Part Three, JC tells us about those fancy Indianapolis 500 winner’s rings on his fingers and about the drivers who made it to Victory Lane! Personal stories about Parnelli Jones and more will surprise and delight you! He also fills us in about how one of the longest running and successful feature races for over 80 years – Turkey Night – continues, along with an invitation for you to come out to the races at Ventura Raceway, coming up this Friday and Saturday – November 24th and 25th. Enjoy!

NOTE: Turkey Night Ventura Raceway (at the Ventura County Fairgrounds) is this Thanksgiving weekend with action on both Friday and Saturday. For more information on Ventura Raceway, please visit their website at:

To purchase tickets, please go to:

By Larry Mason

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JC Agajanian is not only a successful auto racing businessman, but an incredibly personable guy that can certainly keep a group entertained with captivating stories of auto racing.

Many have attempted, but few have any Indianapolis 500 winner’s rings to call their own. JC owns four of them and shows off a couple of them here. In this interview he tells the intimate stories of each one!

Here’s a closer look at those fabulous rings on JC’s hands!

Alexander Rossi won the 2016 Indianapolis 500 as a rookie in the 98 car and JC has the ring to prove it!

What a privilege to have spent so much time with JC Agajanian Jr. He was so generous with his time and talent for An enjoyable, memorable, and captivating time that was greatly appreciated by everyone at the table that day.

In this video preview, JC uses his best radio voice to invite fans to Ascot Raceway in Gardena in three different ways! Stay tuned to the end of it for a preview of the famed Turkey Night race!(videos by Brad Bernstein [first two parts] and Don Swanson)

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