Maria Serrao is one of the hardest working reporters you’ll find at sporting events around southern California – particularly at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. We caught up with Maria (hard to do!) in the media center lunch room during the event this year and sat down to chat about her background and some favorite stories she’s covered here over the years. For women interested in getting involved in this industry, she gives some advice on what it takes to be successful.

In Part One, we chat with Maria about her background in the sport. In Part Two, we find out what put her in a wheelchair, her challenges of that from a young age, and how she’s overcome that disability to follow her dreams. She’s highly motivated and doesn’t let the chair get in the way of how she lives her life every day. She inspires people with how she lives her life. If she has her mind set to do something, she won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way and telling her she can’t. She also does this with grace, humor, warmth, and has a way of connecting with people that puts them at ease. For more information or to watch Maria at work, go to: Enjoy!

NOTE: This is just one in a series of “Women in Motorsports” podcast interviews. September is the month that Fast Lane Racing School will highlight the diversity of roles that women play in the motorsports industry. 

By Larry Mason

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Maria Serrao is the host of Playing The Field TV and not only covers stick and ball sports, but auto racing too.Photo courtesy of Daniel Ayala

Here’s a photo of Maria interviewing Graham Rahal who she mentions during the podcast.Photo courtesy of Daniel Ayala

Part of getting the whole story is talking to more than just one person on the team. Here Maria is interviewing Graham Rahal’s teammate, Christian Lundgaard.Photo courtesy of Daniel Ayala

Maria and Helio have had many interviews over the years. Helio is thinking seriously about how to answer her question here.Photo courtesy of Daniel Ayala

Maria Serrao forges her own path forward and doesn’t let her disability get in her way. Her determination from a young age has led her to a very satisfying media career.

Maria does what it takes to get the shot. Here she’s at the unveiling of NTT IndyCar Series driver Ryan Hunter-Reay’s plaque on the Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Fame.

Maria at SoFi Stadium where she had a very nice interview with Otto Benedict (who is the Senior VP Faculty & Campus Operations, Hollywood Park and can be seen on where they talk about, and show, how to access the multiple parking and seating areas.Photo courtesy of Daniel Ayala

Maria snares the interview with Dodger star Mookie Betts.Photo courtesy of Daniel Ayala

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