Located approximately an hour and 20 minutes north of the greater Los Angeles area off of Interstate 5 on Lerdo Highway the facility offers over 40 different track configurations.

FastLane is pleased to have its own dedicated, full service facility at BRP including climate controlled accomodations, cold drinks, car storage, lifts and garage space for our customers.

The East and West loops of the track can be run simultaneously or combined into a 3.1-mile course. The facilities at Buttonwillow Raceway Park include a full service tire center, fuel center with self-service pumps, two-story race control tower with observation deck, restaurant with available catering, RV hookups, day garages, and a gift shop.


The original, full track layout 1CW or 1CCW (counter clockwise) is the favorite of FastLane prototype instructors. With speeds reaching in excess of 170mph, you can expect to master times in the low 1:30’s with our Indy lights or LMP cars, and 1:50-low 2:00’s with street/production race cars

RACE #13 (13CW OR 13CCW)

A track day favorite, 13CW or “13 clockwise” is the most common configuration you’ll find at BRP. While our instructors prefer the Star Mazda in order to gain speed through the esses, the sweeper is a challanging late apex turn and just as fun.

Expect to be able to run in the 1:30’s in an Indy lights on this layout, or low 1:40’s in a Radical to 1:45’s-1:50’s in a production/touring car.


BRP also features an exciting Kart Track, and is a great way for you or your friends to get some fun in between sessions. Contact us to learn more about our fleet of 20+ TAG, KA, 125/175 Shifter Race Karts available in all sizes, from baby/cadet to adult and yes, even “Big Boy” adult Karts that can accomodate drivers over 6’3 up to 350lbs.

While not used extensively for testing, the Skid Pad in front of the Paddock Area can be rented exclusively as well.