Chuck Lessick is a chaplain with IndyCar Ministry and travels to almost every race of the year. This is his seventh year doing this and he is truly passionate about what he does. As this ministry has evolved over the years, they found that it’s more conducive to attract people to them on race weekends by cutting down their length of service. Lessick calls it a “Pit Stop Devotional” and about 30 people typically show up for the abbreviated sessions. I attended a session at the 2022 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach and then spoke with him afterwards. It’s interesting to learn how he manages his time as a small business owner along with his traveling schedule with the NTT IndyCar Series. He has a positive message to share with us and this interview has been saved to be posted right before Christmas.  Enjoy!

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By Larry Mason

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Chuck Lessick is a chaplain with the IndyCar Ministry organization. His casual selfie here reflects his friendly and caring nature.

Photo by Chuck Lessick

At 6:50 am on Sunday morning of race weekends, Lessick shares God’s message with IndyCar officials, race team members and anyone who wants to listen. This 5-Minute Devotional was held at IndyCar Tech at the 2022 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Photo by Jacqui Lessick

After the devotional, Lessick prays one-on-one with whoever wants to. In this case, it’s an individual from IndyCar supplier, Dallara.

Lessick shares a moment with two-time Indy 500 winner Takuma Sato. Racing can be a dangerous sport, tough on family life, and hectic with the travel schedule. IndyCar Ministry plays an important role in the lives of many in the IndyCar community.

Photo courtesy of IndyCar

This is an example of the flyer that lets people know when and where they can assemble and worship.

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