Frank Rico is an expert in auto racing simulators. His company Ricmotech Racing Simulators has supplied sim units to drivers in the NTT IndyCar Series, NASCAR and many other professional racing series. In Part 1, we learned about how Rico got started in the industry, the basics of sim systems, how it benefits drivers and how it’s evolved over the years. Here in Part 2, we’ll take a deeper dive into data acquisition, driver coaching and how multiple race team members can benefit. There’s also a video of his top of the line system in action. We’ll see the ground-breaking SlipSense and gSense motion feedback systems in operation. Enjoy!

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Frank Rico is the owner of Ricmotech and is an expert in the world of racing simulators. Photo courtesy of Frank Rico

This Ricmotech simulator features the SlipSense and gSense motion feedback systems. Curved screen, three screens or VR goggles? You decide.

This Ricmotech overview explains all of the motion feedback systems and more.

This top-of-the-line simulator features all of the motion feedback systems plus Ricmotech’s WindSense driver cooling system. This simulator is available for rent and can be used with data acquisition and driving coaching. Note: This is the system in the video.

In this video, you can see the gSense system (seatbelts tighten and loosen based on the g-forces of cornering, braking, etc). You can also see the SlipSense feature in action when the car gets sideways in a corner! The sim is configured with a Pro Mazda race car on the Long Beach Grand Prix circuit. Video by Frank Rico, driver Larry Mason

High-end force feedback steering systems enhance the realistic feel of today’s simulators.

(Top left of photo) Heavy duty pedal assemblies give the sim user a much more natural feel of what it’s like driving a real race car. (Lower right of photo) If you’re on a budget, there are other quality pedals available too.

Ricmotech features a wide variety of high-end steering systems, steering wheels and more. They are happy to help you customize a system that will meet your needs.

Interview and photos Copyright © by Larry Mason unless otherwise noted