In Part 2, we had a personal tour of the MSHF by its president George Levy. During that tour, he introduced me to a couple of the knowledgeable docents to get even more behind the scenes stories. In this interview, you’ll hear from docent, Jim Coleman, who talks about “The Fabulous Hudson Hornet” that’s on display and interesting stories behind that car. He also talks about a Southern California racing legend, Hershel McGriff. Enjoy! NOTE: Next week we’ll have the last installment of the MSHF with more behind-the-scenes stories by another one of the friendly and knowledgeable docents.

By Larry Mason Copyright © 2022 Larry Mason Jim Coleman Hudson Hornet Our tour guide and docent, Jim Coleman stands next to the original “Fabulous Hudson Hornet” on display at the MSHF. Hudson Hornet info crop This sign board gives a bit more information on the Fabulous Hudson Hornet and how it inspired a character in the movie “Cars.” Hudson Hornet seat Unlike the interior of racing cars today, the Hudson Hornet was truly a “stock car” as you can see in this picture of the front seat and driver’s door panel. RIR crop Jim Coleman mentions Hershel McGriff who was one of the winningest drivers ever at Riverside International Raceway. As part of the MSHF Robert Petersen area is a layout of the famed racetrack from its early days. Interview and photos by Larry Mason