In this final interview with docent Dave Seyse, we get to go into the restricted area of the MSHF to see one of the most fascinating SCCA Can-Am cars of all time. To go along with Dave’s stories, check out the photos below to get a better appreciation for this super cool car. There’s also a bonus via his special access about another race car that is not to be missed. Enjoy!

By Larry Mason Copyright © 2022 Larry Mason   Dave Seyse Shadow Our tour guide and docent, Dave Seyse stands next to the super low-slung 1968 Shadow Mk 1 Can-Am car on display at the MSHF. Shadow cockpit Below the bazooka like air intake, notice that the steering wheel position is more like that in a go-kart and about the same size. Shadow front 3qtr   This low angle photo shows off the wheel fans to cool the small front brakes and also the banned aerodynamic air brakes that lift out of the front fenders. Also prominent in this photo is the menacing looking air intake. Shadow tires To keep this car low to the ground required very small wheels and tires – 10” up front and 12” in the rear. Shadow info board 1 This information board gives some details on Shadow’s Don Nichols attempt at aerodynamic superiority in the SCCA Can-Am Series. Shadow info board 2 More information on the inspiration of the Shadow race car mystique and also a mention of talented motorsports author Pete Lyons and his 2020 book on Shadow race cars and Don Nichols. Shadow rear This close-up of the rear shows of how slick the aerodynamic profile is as well as where the rear air brakes pop up. In the lower opened section there are body flaps as well. Shadow rear ducts These rear body ducts could be opened to improve airflow or closed to provide additional air braking potential. Ford what The Ford Credit 88 which appears to be a Taurus driven by Dale Jarrett during his championship year is actually a show car. There’s an interesting story that Dave tells about this one. Interview and photos by Larry Mason