This is the most eclectic museum I’ve ever been to! “It’s more than a museum . . .  it’s a journey,” says the brochure. Yes, the name is Tallahassee Automobile Museum, however there’s much more to see and discover inside this two story treasure chest of over 160 cars. Besides race cars, show cars, classic cars, movie cars and antique cars, there are also pedal cars, horseless carriages, motorcycles, bicycles, tractors, trucks, boats, canoes, model airplanes and spaceships! If you like classic and antique things, you’ll be happy here perusing the collections of brass fans, adding machines, cash registers, typewriters, cameras, dolls, action figures and more. If you like weapons, you’ll find knives and guns. If you like golf you’ll find multiple sets of clubs with real wood drivers. For those that are nostalgic about things of their youth, you’ll find Wheaties boxes, baseball cards, baseballs, basketballs, footballs and golf balls. Posters and pictures abound throughout with many sports heroes and icons gracing the walls of this museum. What, you say you like music? How about a grand collection of one-of-a-kind Steinway grand pianos – yes, this place has it. Did I mention the safes and early dental equipment? You say you’re more of an avid outdoorsman? How would you like to see a collection of Native American artifacts, outboard motors and fishing lures? 

Here are some of the most popular vehicles on display: A hearse (one of the six original) that carried Abraham Lincoln on his journey to be buried. The duck car that the “Penguin” drove in the Batman movie franchise – not to mention numerous Batmobiles. There’s even a car made out of wood that actually drives. Speaking of which, all vehicles in the collection are kept in driving condition. 

Up front when you first walk in is a tribute chopper to an American serviceman killed in action that is remarkable for its paintwork and craftsmanship. The bottom line is that there’s something for everyone to see here. Bring the whole family, split up and arrange to meet an hour or three later and everyone can take their own personal journey through this incredible museum.

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NOTE: While I was there, I spent a bit of time (after I perused the museum) with two of the ladies (Tamara Jung and Dianna Beal) who work there to get their take on the facility. In this short interview, they talk about some of the events that the museum hosts and items that have caught their eyes as well.